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We are creating unique digital experiences, taking technology and creativity to the next level. Always looking for innovative and immersive territories for brands, generating a direct connection with users through engaging and differentiating content.

WHAT WE DO_ our services

We Make 3D AR VR Try_ons Virtual spaces for Web

AR Marketing_

Limitless communication
Augmented reality provides an innovative way to connect with new generations, it allows brands to create immersive and engaging content for customers renewing relationships with audiences tired of conventional marketing.
Experiencias vinculadas a packaging y formatos impresos de todos los tamaños

Interactive Ads_

Sumerge a tu público en un espacio virtual vinculado a la marca


Conecta con los usuarios a través de juegos interactivos

AR/VR Gamification_

Consultoría, creatividad spatial y diseño en metaversos


Diseño y modelado 3D, expertos en fotogrametría y vídeo volumétrico

3D Crafting_

We optimize each immersive experience in real time.

Analitics AI Evolution_

Analytics tools linked to AI to improve the efficiency, personalization and quality of each immersive experience. Obtaining data in real time and being able to anticipate possible changes in the audience.

AR Marketing_

We drive innovation through immersive experiences that serve as a tool for brands and potential customers, increasing sales and reducing returns by visualizing products in 3D and AR.
  • 3D
  • AR viewer
  • 3D Display Ads
  • Interactives
  • Via Web
AR Products_
We create tools according to the needs of your customers, with the help of an immersive and interactive content the connection with your brand is assured.

AR Catalogs

Furniture · Sports · Appliances

A new way to visualize your products, from any space and with the possibility of choosing the best option.

Phygital Try - On

Clothing · Accessories · Footwear

We accelerate testing processes and improve the user experience in stores, with interactive virtual try try-ons, increasing accessibility and engagement.

Showrooms // Web 3D

Fashion · Retail · Art

Time to dive in virtual spaces connected to your brand, a unique immersive and personal shopping experience for your customers.

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Driving technology for leading brands
At NowAR we are proud to offer a creative and efficient work methodology that consists of six fundamental processes to guarantee the success of every single one of your projects.



Key process to understand your goals and needs. We ensure that each project makes sense in the immersive world through the extended realities that are most appropriate for your audience.



We immerse ourselves in creativity and technology to bring your purpose to life. This process is the beginning of grounding ideas and shaping what will be a unique and memorable immersive experience.



We tailor each experience to your target audience, as each project is unique. We strive to understand and anticipate the needs of the end user to create an experience that is engaging, intuitive and satisfying.



We work with the best talent to bring ideas to life. We strive to guarantee quality and efficiency in production to ensure that each project is delivered on time and with the best possible results.



We focus on the user experience and their moment of use. We ensure that each project is perfectly tailored to the customer journey, ensuring that each user enjoys a unique and satisfying immersive experience.



A complete service that seeks the constant evolution and improvement of each project. We accompany you to the end, ensuring that each project is delivered with the quality it deserves.

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